All Fraser Optics® binoculars are designed and built with a single mission in mind: To provide the best possible optics for use on land, sea, and air.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and respect of professionals who demand precision and durability that stands up to some of the harshest conditions on Earth. All our binoculars are equipped with proprietary STEDI-EYE® stabilization technology, which with a single switch eliminates vibration and creates a stable platform that enables you to stay clearly focused on your target regardless of the tremors or motion of your environment.

Browse the full range of precision binoculars and discover why Fraser Optics® is the preeminent choice of the U.S. Military, Police & Law Enforcement, Fishermen, Boating Enthusiasts, Hunters, Outdoorsmen, and Sportsmen of all types across the globe.





For the big-game fisherman, yachtsman, harbor patrolman or industry professional whose success depends upon crystal clear, stable vision, Fraser Optics’ Mariner Series 14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized Binocular delivers the clear advantage.



Perfect for the birdwatchers or the weekend warriors, the Fraser Optics 14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized Observer Binoculars brings nature up close so you can see beyond the naked eye. Our binoculars are ruggedized to withstand any extreme environmental condition plus they are fog proof.



Fraser Optics’ LE Series 14×40 Aviator binocular is tough, rugged, and can handle any environment. Engineered with STEDI-EYE® Technology, making these binoculars perfect even for airborne surveillance. This handheld binocular gives you the ability to read 4-inch license plate letters on a moving vehicle from 2000 feet. The 14×40 Aviator has removable 10x eyepieces to quickly convert into 12x night vision.