Stedi-Eyes for the Sea - Jim Kingsmill & the Mariner

History of the Mariner Series

For the past 40 years, Fraser Optics has been the leading name in gyro-stabilized binoculars fully manufactured in the United States. While the company has spent decades solidifying strong relationships with U.S. military branches for stabilized images in the field of combat, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the company began branching into manufacturing gyro-stabilized binoculars commercially. The unique properties of the Mariner binoculars have made them an ideal tool for big-game fisherman, yachtsman, harbor patrol, and other industry professionals who make their living on the water.

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“The application of the binoculars was a complete game changer”
“Blew THE competition in Southern California out of the water

The move into commercial manufacturing was one that was sparked by Jim Kingsmill, now the No.1 distributor for the company and professional charter boat captain. Following the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, military grade technologies began paving their way into the commercial market. It was then that Kingsmill got his hands on his first pair of russian gyro-stabilizeD binoculars from a military surplus. As he puts it,” The application of the binoculars was a complete game changer” and “blew his competition in Southern California out of the water.”

The binoculars gave him the ability to spot marlin fins up to a mile or more away or, giving him an unprecedented edge in Sport or commercial fishing. Sharing his find with his fellow deep-sea fisherman, the demand for gyro-stabilized binoculars quickly grew in Not only IN Southern California and Globally. It was then that Kingsmill began looking for more advanced technology that could be distributed within the market.

After continuous product testing of binoculars currently on the market and still finding fault with what was being offered, Kingsmill turned his attention to looking at military-grade manufacturers of the technology. After reading about Fraser Optics’ products, he contacted the company directly to inquire about producing commercial-grade gyro-stabilized binoculars to meet the growing demand of the market. Starting with a mere ten units and a promise that he could sell them in Southern California, due to the unique coastal conditions that increased the need for stabilized images on the water, Kingsmill sold nine of the units within the first two weeks—and in the process, launched a partnership between himself and Fraser Optics that has continued for more than a decade.

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Progression of Innovation

While the core of Fraser Optics’ work is still centered around analysis and development for military grade equipment, applying the technologies utilized by the military for commercial purposes has inspired a new passion for the company. Over the past five years, Fraser Optics has invested millions into the advancement and functionality of the Mariner and is fully committed to investing more in the future to continue to be a leader in the market with the coming generations of the product.

What sets Fraser Optics apart from the competition is not just the high standards of production that go into every unit, but in the dual pivot points to support the gyroscope, which is something the competition has never attempted. Other competitive products on the market remain bulky and difficult to maneuver, with limited field of vision and difficulties in comfort and grip when in use. The Mariner is the culmination of decades of intensive Research and Development by Fraser Optics’ Stedi-Eye Technology specifically engineered and redesigned for commercial use without the loss of any of the advanced MILSPEC capabilities.

With the ability to provide stable, crystal clear vision up to five miles away, the Mariner is a game changer for fisherman and yachters alike. With a 40 mm objective lens, dual pivot points to support the gyroscope and 14x magnification, the Mariner is specially attuned to the sea, gathering enough light to give users a clear image out on the water. The mechanical stabilization of the device and the spinning gyro within the unit leads to the highest rates of image stabilization on the market. The Mariner has proven its performance capabilities time and time again under the most extreme conditions. From being used by military to law enforcement and a wide array of industry professionals, all have found unparalleled benefits of Fraser Optics’ products in many environmental conditions.

Key Features of the Mariner

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•Advanced gyro-stabilization system based on Fraser Optics’ Stedi-Eye Technology

•14x magnification

•Ability to remove up to 98% of image motion caused by platform or hand movement

•12 hours of continuous battery life on 2 AA batteries; built-in regulator for external power

•No-slip neoprene cover available in yellow or black for added grip and comfort

•Shockproof and ruggedized for withstanding the most extreme environmental
and operational conditions

•Objective diameter of 40 mm

•4.3 degree wide field of view (74 meters at 1,000 meters distance)

•Scan rate of 8º/sec

•100% waterproof, sealed, submersible and buoyant

•Fully multi-coated MgFI optics for enhanced light transmission

•Two Year Warranty

Commitment to What Works

What truly makes Fraser Optics’ products unique, however, is not the application of new, flashier technologies often favored by the competition. Fraser Optics knows that reinventing the wheel is unnecessary, especially when the technology utilized within the gyro-stabilized binoculars remains top of the line. Rather than fix what isn’t broken, the company aims to move its research and development to continue perfecting the surrounding features of the gyro-stabilizing technology to further improve commercial use in the field. While competitors continue to invest in cheaper, lighter materials, Fraser Optics remains committed to proven, timeless technologies that cannot be replaced.

As an American manufacturer, this is Fraser Optics vow to solid craftmanship and quality.

While other products on the market might be appealing for industry professionals, the clarity of the Mariner allows for spotting diving birds in the distance, thin fins emerging from the surface of the water which are invisible to the naked eye, and overall, provides industry professionals with the ability for stronger information gathering from the time they leave the marina, to the time that they return. With 12 hours of continuous battery life running off of 2 AA batteries and external power capabilities for longer stretches, the Mariner has become a constant companion for those who have had experience with them.

Distribution Centers

There are a number of distributors carrying the Mariner, all found through links this website. The leading distributor is Kingsmill’s San Clemente-based company, While Fraser Optics’ stands behind all its distributors, Gyropros is uniquely situated for industry professionals in Southern California and has proven time and time again how passionate Kingsmill and the company are about the Mariner. Gyropros is always availablefor answering questions and giving honest assessments about whether the Mariner is the right product for each customer’s needs. Not only does Kingsmill know the product Thoroughly, but he knows how they are used out there in the fishing world to give unique insights to the application of the technology across every industry. This is what has made Gyropros the consistent #1 distributor of Mariner products year after year.

Trusted Repair Center in San Diego

There is one downfall many West Coast Mariner users have faced which is the nonexistence of a local repair facility, until now. In past years, when the Mariner needed repairs or replacement parts, generally occurring on older models that have been in heavy use for three to five years, the only way to get the units repaired was to ship them directly to Fraser Optics in Pennsylvania. This, however, will change this coming October 2018, when a trusted repair facility in San Diego, Baker Marine, will begin fixing units to avoid shipping the products across the country.

Still Not Ready to Make the Commitment? Jim and Fraser Optics have your Alternate Solution

While the Mariner is the best on the market, Fraser Optics also has recently made available the M25E, gyro-stabilized binoculars previously in service by the US military. The reclaimed M25E have been restored to like-new condition and have a price point of half the price as new commercial Mariners. The M25E also comes with a One-Year Warranty. The company and its distributors stand behind both models for their state-of-the-art abilities—and even when refurbished, the M25E shows no performance difference from the Mariner.


Specs of the M25E

•60-75mm Interpupillary Adjustment

•2 AA Battery Power (Internal)

•6-30 VDC Power (External)

•8.25″ (210mm) Length (Day)

•7.5″ (190mm) Width

•3.5″ (89mm) Height

•4.5 lbs (2.04kg) Weight (Day)

•14x Magnification

•40mm Objective diameter •3mm Exit pupil

•4.3 º Field of view (74m @ 1,000m)

•4.3 Arc Seconds Resolution (Say)

•±8º Stabilization freedom

•±5 Diopters Focus adjustment

•8º/sec Scan rate

For more information on the Mariner or additional questions, contact or call direct at 215-443-5240

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