Repair Process

Return for Service Instructions

If your Fraser Optics product fails to perform in any way, please contact a customer service representative by calling (215) 443-5240. If the product needs to be sent to Fraser Optics for service, the customer service representative will provide you with a repair number (RMA).

Please follow these steps when sending any product to Fraser Optics Product Service:

  1. Please remove the lens caps, mounts, straps, mounting rings, covers, and all other accessories from the product.
  2. Record the serial number of the product and keep it where you can find it if needed.
  3. Include a note with the product indicating a detailed reason the product is being sent and clearly print the repair number on the outside of the package.
  4. Make certain that your name, shipping address, telephone number, and e-mail (if applicable) are included in the note.

If the product was purchased in the US, insure your product for the appropriate dollar value and send it to:

Fraser Optics
c/o Product Service
210 Andrews Road
Feasterville/Trevose, PA 19053

We will not be held liable for damages incurred to unit(s) during transit.


Repair Process

When your unit is received, it will be evaluated to determine what repairs are needed and whether or not warranty coverage will be applicable. It is our option to repair or replace your unit. If your unit is covered under warranty, you will be notified via our customer service. If your unit is NOT covered under warranty, an estimate for repair or replacement will be communicated to you via our customer service.

You will have 20 days to respond, either accepting or declining the recommendation. If you accept the recommendation for repair or replacement, you will need to provide payment. Payment can be in the form of a check, or if you prefer, by MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. If the repair or replacement is covered under warranty, you will receive no additional correspondence. Your repaired unit, or a comparable replacement of equal value and function, will be shipped to you via UPS.


Product Maintenance, Service and Repair

For products that require repair or servicing (after the warranty period or when the warranty is void), customers should contact Fraser Optics Customer Service (215) 443-5240.

* INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES: Please contact Customer Service (215) 443-5240 for instructions.

CAUTION: To avoid possible damage in transit, always use the original storage case when shipping your STEDI-EYE® stabilized binoculars. If the storage case is missing or damaged, contact Fraser Optics for special shipping instructions.